Wednesday, February 25, 2009

High Schoo Musical card

Definetely the last one for tonight.

Blogging is much more fun than typing up assignments.

Here is the High School Musical card that I had to do in a hurry the other day.


I downloaded the font from the net. Cut it out and used glossy accents. Then stole the stickers that DD got last week when I bought her High School Musical 3.
Bad Mommy. They were lovely 3-d ones. Will have to look for more HSM merchandise. DD and all her friends are mad about it.
Also noticed that DS is getting into it as well .And dare I say it he has better rhythm than his sister. Think there will be a few battles ahead.

Have to find smiley faces or emoctions for blogger - anyone found them yet?

Night Night



  1. OMG! You've been busy blogging! I checked in a few days ago and you were still trying to install a counter! Lovely blog Helen and lovely cards throughout too. Looking forward to seeing more lovely creations.

  2. Helen you have a fab blog, well done & OMG your work is gorgeous!!!

  3. Excellent !!! the letters are great !! well done girl !

  4. There is a little something for you on my blog Helen

  5. Helen you have a blog !!!!!!!!
    Omg where have i been ???
    I love your work,the door hangers are just amazing,needless to say the cars one caught the eye of a very young boy
    Bad Nan that i am i just haven't gotten round to making one yet :-(
    The HSM card is beautiful & it is very big stateside also,everywhere we went there was HSM merchandise....